Don’t read too far, there aren’t pretty pictures and I’m probably full of shit (or am I?)

What is a dimension?

Like “2D” -or- “2-dimensional space”, or 3-dimensional space; what exactly constitutes delineation of dimensions?

A friend of mine, when posed the question of what “dimensions are”, said he thought of dimensions as “different degrees of freedom”.

I would agree with this statement, but only so long as your “dimensions are all independent planes which happen to intersect centrally.

But, I want to posit this…

What if you define dimensions as mathematical force carriers as you might see in physics.

If we start with a 2-dimensional space, with points and lines and stuff as a an arbitrarily…

Tales about Programming from a YouTube Comments Discussion

“How do you think list comprehensions compare with the map/list/filter functions?“— Torin Faes

I was asked this question recently as a reply to one of my comments on Lex Fridman’s video about Python List Comprehensions.

Extending Conversation

Since YouTube is less than ideal for sharing code examples in comments we find ourselves here.

I wanted to answer the question properly with examples so what better way than a creating a new Medium post, amirite!?

Not Lying to Users

It’s not easy to talk about what “Quality” means objectively.

Most people will say “Quality is a subjective measure”, and to a certain extent, they’re right.

You can’t take a count of all unresolved bug tickets for your project and make any kind of determination about the quality of your project, product, service, whatever; it doesn’t work that way.

Equally, you can’t gauge “Quality” based on how things “feel” while using your service, system, app, whatever.

But why does it “feel” like you can at least get a sense of “Quality” through low resolution user experience? …

We spend time when we are older thinking about our mistakes when we were younger which we made because we didn’t choose to stop thinking about the mistakes others made with us.

Yesterday, while watching the final episode of Enterpise (2005), I found myself wondering again where the Star Fleet triangle badge insignia comes from and what it means.

Then I noticed something within The Federation banner. Profound concepts suddenly reveiled themsleves and I dove into a rabbithole of investigation after them.

I’m about to take you on the emotional roller coaster at the heart of Star Fleet and The Federation I found myself on.

There will be time travel.

Some of the revelations here are inferences and some are discovered correlations. Sources barely cited.

Starting with What We Know and Working Backwards

Each insignia has the same general triangle…

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Blurr, The Wizard of Gwendolyn, Disciple of Experience.

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